Party Pokers New Mobile Platform Revealed

Party Poker, an internet poker firm that is known around the entire globe has announced the release of their latest mobile poker platform. This announcement threw the entire industry into excitement as it has been more than a year since Party Poker has announced something new for their mobile platform. The beloved fast forward platform that they have operated online for years is now making its way to mobile punters all around the European Union.

Party Poker logo
The countries that currently are offering this platform includes Ireland, Sweden, Austria and the United Kingdom. Norbert Tuefelberger, the CEO of Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment revealed that in the future they’ll release their mobile fast forward platform to all countries in the European Union. As of right now if you are located in either Sweden, Austria, Ireland or the United Kingdom you can play this poker platform through your iOS mobile device or Android mobile device. You also have a choice as to how you want to experience this poker platform, you can either choose to play it through your mobile web browser or you can play it through the Party Poker Application. Downloading the app will allow for faster loading speeds.

Norbert Tuefelberger said the following to industry reporters, “Party Poker excels at providing the best online poker experience in the world. We take great pride knowing that we allow for people all around the world to win large quantities of money. The mobile gambling industry is growing in popularity, we wanted to cater to our players that prefer mobile gambling. We believe with this new poker platform were doing just that.”

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