History of the game of Roulette

Roulette Wheel

There is a history to every single online casino game ever made from when it started way back on the land based casinos and how it made its own history in the online gambling community. In order to understand a game and how its best to play it looking back on its history can be a great help as well as reading up on the rules, tips and strategies of the game.

Roulette is considered to be one of the oldest games for casinos to still be played today. It’s almost impossible to locate the exact time the game began in casinos because of how old it is, the game is so old it can be dated back as far as the 17th century in the beautiful nation of France. A mathematician named Blaise Pascal created the massively popular game that people still play today. Many people believed that the game first originated from the great land of Spain but was later proven to have originated from France. Some of the many theories for Roulette is that the earliest versions of the game were played carnivals all around the world in the 15th century and just continued to be played ever since but none of these theories were ever proven.

Many historians also believed that the game can be traced all the way back to China before the 15th century they believe those travelers from china went to France and than showed the people of France the absolutely wonderful game. Though the Chinese version of the game from what the historians have told us are said to be played with cubes instead of a ball and wheel. The game finally arrived on the scene of American Casinos in the 19th century where the game was changed ever so slightly to what we know now as the two separate version of Roulette. One version being the American Version and the other being the European Version, the difference between the two is that the American Version offers two double zeros while the European Version only offers one zero. This is meant to make the house edge for the American Version much better than the European version of Roulette, if you’re trying to find a European version of Roulette in one of the American land based casino than you will be hard pressed to locate one. That is the positive thing when it comes to online gambling you have the choice of being able to play both of them whenever you want.

Now over the years Roulette has gained itself a serious amount of popularity on the online gambling industry. This is mainly because a lot of people didn’t have access to gamble before and even so those who did would not try the game of Roulette. Since playing a game online is so easy a lot more people began to try out the game and gain a serious appreciation for the quality of fun it has to offer. Though before you go off and play this amazing game of either version we suggest you look over some of the hundreds of articles to read over the rules, strategies or tips that are offered online. This will allow for you to have a head start playing the game when you decide to play the game for the very first time.

If you have yet to play the wonderful game of Roulette in it’s long past than it is something you should seriously consider playing. It has been around for centuries and that’s because it’s a game someone can easily pick up, play and truly enjoy. The money that you can win is astronomical to say the least and it holds many opportunities for many players all around the globe.