How to Count Cards

Blackjack boardCounting cards is not an easy thing to master and in fact very few players ever do but they will get the basics understood which will allow or some improved results. The high cards are the ones that provide the most advantageous for players.

Counting cards is learning how to keep track of, or following the cards in the game and also those that are out of the game. The way to do this is using a High/Low way of counting card. This can only be done when a new shoe is being dealt, not in the middle of one that is in play.

The first step is to give every card in the card a value. While it may seem difficult it is actually easy. All cards numbered 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 have a value of plus 1, cards 7, 8 and 9 cards have a zero value and all high cards have a value of minus 1. Prior to the dealer beginning a new deck you have a count that equals zero. Each time a card is dealt you will add or will subtract its value.

Here is an example:

You count begins at zero. The dealer then deals a 10 which makes your count -1. If the next card out is a 2 then your count is now zero again as you saw a – 1 and a plus 1 be dealt. Here is another example – The dealer starts dealing from a new deck of cards – your count is zero. The following cards get dealt – 5-9-10-6-Q-J. Here is how your total count would go:

You start with a zero – the 5 is plus 1 – total is now 1. The 9 carries a zero value so your total remains the same. The 10 is a -1 so your total again is zero. The 6 is a plus 1 and your total is now plus 1. The Q is a -1 as is the J, leaving you with a total of -1. The only way to master this method is to memorize each cards value. One way to do this is to practise at home with other players using several decks of cards where you write each cards value down based on the above method of counting cards.

As you practise you will begin to see the value in this system and gain a better position to see improved results at a real blackjack table. It is important to note that counting cards is not illegal in any way at all however casinos will frown upon this and if they suspect or catch you doing so will remove you from the casino and usually will apply a lifetime ban. Be sure you practise enough so that it becomes second nature and when in real action you then will not be a bundle of nerves and make errors to tip off the dealer that you are counting cards.

It is our hope that this system will see your profits increase ten fold!