Full Tilt may add casino games to its poker software

It is being reported by the poker site Online Poker Report that Full Tilt poker is going to be adding additional gaming products that will include casino games. This is being done in order to combat the growing decline of interest in online poker.

That decline has been occurring over the past several years with reductions being seen with most online poker rooms each month. In order to generate additional interest and compete with betting sites that offer a broader spectrum of betting products it is expected that Full Tilt will follow suite and do the same.

As Full Tilt is owned by Rational Entertainment, the same company that owns PokerStars, it will be interesting to see if PokerStars follows the same pattern and adds additional products to its available games.

The reported details are limited and have yet to be confirmed but they appear to be accurate based on the source. It will be interesting to see what, if any, software will be chosen but it is expected to include multiple software brands as this is the newest trend among multi-platform sites.

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