Tottenham wants to close deal with Soldado

Tottenham is hoping it will be able to close a deal and sign striker Roberto Soldado. This is due to Manager Villas-Boas wanting to add attackers to the team. Currently Tottenham only has two on the team who are designated for that role with those being Emmanuel Adebayor and Jermain Defoe.

It is reported that the Tottenham Spurs met with the club and the player’s agent. Currently Soldado has a contract that includes a clause that would see the club having to pay €30 million to release the current contract. This would be a record amount paid to have any player released from his current contract.

Vilas-Boas has stated that Soldado is one of a number of players that he has interest in. It is common knowledge that we are looking to sign additional strikers to help strengthen our team. Soldado’s career clearly speaks for itself as he is a proven and fantastic striker. We have interest but a deal has not been agreed at this point in time.

There have been a number of other teams that have shown interest in Soldado including Liverpool. It is felt that the release clause will deter most teams from even considering the striker at this time.

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