U.S Rep Peter King introduces Internet Gambling Bill

U.S Representative Peter King just introduced a brand new bill to the House of Representatives, this bill would legalize the online gambling industry and online poker industry for the USA.

This bill has been dubbed as the Internet Gambling Regulation Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act of 2013. This bill will allow for online gamblers within the USA to enjoy the benefits of the online gambling industry from the comfort of their home.
This bill would allow for the creation of the federal offices that will oversee the online gambling industry within the USA. These new federal offices would be held for the U.S Treasury Department. This would allow for any problems within the industry to be looked over, this would make the industry much more unified and enjoyable.
The western world has truly adopted the online gambling industry and made it their own. The industry alone makes more than one billion dollars every year and by 2020 is it said that the industry will bring in nine billion dollars in revenue.

Where this bill goes no one knows as of right now but like always we will continue to provide you with all the updates on the story.

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