US Online Betting Hearing Witnesses Released

A hearing took place earlier on for the future of online gambling in the USA. US Congress released a list of witnesses who were at this hearing. Members of the hearing include illegal online gambling activists and online poker advocates.

Those who were a part of the hearing include Andy Abboud who is a part of the Anti-Online Gambling Stance. Joe Barton, the representative who introduced the legal online poker bill. John Pappas, Poker Players Alliance Director. SPGN Director, who stands against any legalization of online gambling at all. The AMA CEO Geoff Freeman, a member of the hearing who is in favor of the legalization of online poker on a federal level. Massachusetts University Professor Rachel Volberg who is against the potential legalization of online poker. Kurt Eggert, a Chapman Professor who is in favor of the legalization of online poker.

John Pappas, PPA CEO commented on his opportunity to address Congress on the current issues for online gambling and he said, “I think I understand both sides of the story here. I pull more in favor for the legalization of online gambling due to one simple fact. If you regulate something good enough there isn’t a big risk. Illegal online gambling means that online gamblers have to go against the law in order to enjoy what they love. In order to make everyone happy we have to regulate online poker to our fullest.”

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