“Puppy Love” And “Gladiator ToGo” Released By BetSoft

Famous online software developer Betsoft Gaming announced the release of their two brand new slot machine games “Gladiator ToGo” and “Puppy Love”.

Puppy Love offers players 5 reels and 20 paylines to bet with. This slot features gorgeous puppies, a bonus round which will allow you to adopt a puppy in order to hit big. There is also a mobile version of these games available on your mobile devices, both mobile and internet versions of these slots are developed by BetSoft.

Gladiator ToGo is a 5 reel, 30 payline video slot that is designed around Rome’s Colosseum. The game offers a bonus round where players will have to click on the Colosseum Doors in order to win prizes. There is a second bonus round called Prepare For Battle where you will be fighting a fellow gladiator to win huge prizes. The mobile and PC versions of this game is the exact same.

The Head of Product Development at Betsoft Anthony Locke commented on the new releases saying, “Gladiator is one of the classic slot titles we own, it remains to be extremely popular and successful to this day. Developing the game for the mobile players was a given next time for Gladiator. The game plays and feels the exact same as its PC counterpart.”

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