Sports betting to be legalized in China

Reporters in China have been suggesting that online sports betting may become legal in China, specifically the mainland online. There have already been sports betting websites that have been given the go ahead to start up their operations for online sports betting in China. This website is and they are the first gambling website to be given access to operate in the country.

If these reports are actually true this means that the country could be in for a revolution. Online gambling and land based gambling have been on lockdown in the country. The only place you can go to gamble is in Macau, which is considered to be the Las Vegas of China. Online Gambling would give the citizens of China the opportunity to become rich after being poor, the rich influence politics which could result in more changes for the country. will be forced to work with the governments national Sports Lottery and the Welfare lottery as well, some of the profits made from will go towards a charity of the websites choice. The majority of Chinese citizens will use unofficial ways to gamble, rather land be online or in person. Only 69% of citizens in the country choose to gamble legally while other countries will have 95-98% of their citizens gambling legally.

The real question is what will online gambling and online sports betting do to the country of China. We are all unsure as of right now but we look forward to it.

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