New Jersey to become the base for all online betting firms

Republican State Assembly Man John Amodeo has discussed the idea of a proposed legislation that would allow for New Jersey to become the main hub for online gambling firms in the United States of America.

This would allow for every betting firm to operate in New Jersey and no other state. This will allow for casinos in Atlantic City to have a major advantage in the online gambling industry as their firms are only a couple of minutes away.
Mr. Amodeo was in the press a couple of days ago and he said, “We want Las Vegas to handle all the land based/online gambling west of the Mississippi while Atlantic City will be able to handle all the online/land based casino east of the Mississippi. This would allow for the state to gain revenue like it never has before.

Atlantic City is poised for growth over the next year due to the influx of internet betting software companies entering into partnerships with area casinos. There is hope this will being new life into the city that seems to be struggling of late.

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