Rob Ford Now In Rehab

Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto and now celebrity of the world is currently now attending rehab. After a year of constant videos, tapes and pictures being released relating to Rob Ford either being on highly addictive drugs or alcohol he has finally decided that it is time for him to go to rehab. Mr. Ford is now residing at a residential treatment center for substance abuse, this center and clinic is known for being one of the best in North America.

Rob Ford

The Doctor currently taking care of the Toronto Mayor commented on the condition that Mr. Ford is in right now at the clinic. The location of the clinic and the name of the doctor are being held as private information. This is so that Rob Ford can go through a full healing process while at the clinic. Regardless the doctor said the following, “Mr. Ford is doing an incredible job right now with his treatment. Often we find that our patients are so far gone that cleaning themselves is nearly life threatening. Rob Ford on the other hand is in a positive mood, he’s working out and he’s getting his life in order. It should be noted that Rob Ford is an incredible mayor who’s helped Toronto through difficult times, just like the city he has some problems and after he is healed. The city of Toronto can be healed as well.”

We will keep you updated on any information released relating to Rob Ford condition.

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