Borgata The Casino Fixing Site Issues

Borgata is considered to be an elitist casino in Atlantic City, even as other casinos continue to fall around them it is Borgata that remains making a profit. Borgata also operates an online casino which provides players with slots, table games, card games and online poker. The poker platform is run by PartyPoker which means you instantly are in for one of the best online poker experience available around the globe. Unfortunately there have been a series of issues with the site during the last few weeks for unknown reasons until now.


The Borgata System has now gone down three times in the year that it has operated online. This is not due to the fault of Borgata, this is due to the fault of Microsoft. The Microsoft Foundation Class, which is known for being stable has been undergoing issues during the last six months which has lead to a series of complaints from multiple casinos and businesses around the world. Microsoft has stated that they will be doing everything in their power within the next month to fix every issue on their system. As of right now Borgata is saying that the root cause has yet to be found but that the issues have been limited by a large degree.

Borgata knows what they’re doing as a brand, if the casino was ever to get to a point that it proved to be a serious issue for players they’d find a way to reimburse those players and fix whatever issue that might be. Loyalty towards Borgata means loyalty towards you as a player.

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