$400,000 Invested In Responsible Gambling Research By Svenska Spel

Svenska Spel, a well known gambling operator which has created a monopoly of outstanding gambling products throughout the years announced that they have invested a total of $400,000. The money they invested has gone to the Lund University Faculty of Medicine and will be used to research new methods for responsible online gambling.

Sweden as a whole has been working to find ways to regulate online gambling in a safe manner. They want to ensure that their citizens will have a wonderful experience while also being able to bring in a good amount of tax revenue and profit for the operators.

Responsible gambling has become a top priority for the country in order to make their citizens feel comfortable with the form of entertainment. This is why they are working on developing strategies that will allow for players to be protected while they are playing their future favorite casino games.

Lund University Faculty of Medicine

The Lund University Faculty of Medicine will begin their research at the beginning of June and will end their research at the end of September, allowing for a three month period of research with the potential of increased time periods depending on how long the research takes.

Gunilla Westergren, the Dean of Lund University commented on the investment made by Svenska Spil saying, “We need to focus on specific areas that are particularly of concern for our country. Those specific areas all need their own strategies and protection programs in order to make online gambling safe, regulated and enjoyable for all of our citizens. This is a unique mission that we plan to complete with flying colors.”

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