Skrill Accounts hit by Hackers

It has been announced that hackers attacked the site Skrill over the past week. This saw many players receiving notifications that failed attempts were made and to change passwords.  The majority of players did not have their accounts compromised however a number of players did report funds missing from their accounts.

A number of those saw several thousand being stolen out of their accounts. One player on one of the popular forums reported that they had over $10,000 missing from their account. Skrill for their part have acted quickly and alerted the authorities.

This is not common with Skrill and they have one of the safest e-wallet programs online. They handled millions in daily transactions and employ some of the strictest security protocols in the business to ensure against fraud and theft.

It is unknown whether those accounts affected by this hacking attempt will receive their funds back from Skrill. As this was something out of the layers control it is expected that Skrill will be held responsible for these losses. That is a bare minimum that Skrill can do in order to rectify what is a horrible thing to occur period.

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