US Gambling Bills Being Questioned

There are two US Gambling Bills that are being questioned by The Washington post and The Spartanburg Herald Journal. Each one of these newspapers have written an article that complains about these US Gambling Bills, saying that it’ll force punters to return back to the black market of online gambling. Unfortunately this is the truth as black market online gambling in the United States of America is at an incredible high, the majority of states in the USA don’t offer a legalized online gambling market and thus by have to make their way to the black market in order to play their favorite casino games.

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These gambling bills have been written up by two US Senators who have received contributions from Sheldon Adelson, a man who wants nothing more than to ban online gambling within the United States of America as a whole. The reason for this is because Mr. Adelson owns multiple land based casinos and fears that if online gambling were to be legalized he would then lose out on the millions upon millions of dollars he makes each year. In order to ensure this doesn’t happen Sheldon Adelson will give cash donations to various members in the US Government.

Eventually regardless of how much Sheldon Adelson pays out to those various members in congress, online gambling will eventually be legalized which will result in Mr. Adelson losing out on a large portion of his money. The truth of the matter is that online gambling in the US is an industry worth billions upon billions of dollars on a yearly basis.

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