Rules for Texas Hold’em Poker

The rules for Texas Hold’em poker are simple for the most part. The game doesn’t become complicated until you begin to learn the finer points of the game and gain an understanding of strategy.

A game of Texas Hold’em poker is played when 2- 10 players sit as a poker table. It involves the use of face down cards – only visible to you – and 5 face up cards. The face up cards are called community cards as all players are able to use them to create the best possible hand they can when used in conjunction of the two face down cards (Hole Cards)

There are two variations of Texas Hold’em poker. The first is Limit Texas Hold and the other is No Limit Texas Hold’em. The only real difference between the two is with Limit Hold’em you are limited to the size of the blinds on how much you may bet into a hand at any one given time.


Pre-Flop: This is referred to the two hole cards each player receives at the beginning of each. The two cards are dealt once the blinds have been made by the players who are in the small and big blind positions. Each player dealt into the hand then has the choice to buy into the hand, fold, check or raise.

The Flop: After all players have decided on which action they wish to take pre-flop the flop will occur. This will involve 3 cards being dealt face up in the centre of the table. This triggers another round of betting where players can raise, re-raise a raise, fold, or check.

The Turn: The turn is dealt after players have chosen their actions based on the flop. Those players still in the hand will see another card dealt to the center of the table. This is called the turn card. Again players will be able to place wagers, check, fold or raise any bets that were placed ahead of when it was their turn to act.

The River: The river is the final card that is drawn in Texas Hold’em Poker. Players remaining in the hand are able to place wagers, check, fold or raise. In the event of a showdown whoever has the best hand will win the pot that has built over the course of the four rounds of betting.

A tie can occur at showdown if any players involved in the showdown have hands that are of equal value. In most cases hands do not get to the showdown stage but it does happen pretty often if two or more players feel they have good odds or the best hand.

Be sure to read the finer points to betting in order to better position yourself in the event of a showdown or to avoid going to a showdown scenario. By betting a large amount you can often put someone off of a hand they may be chasing with the hopes of hitting a flush or straight.