Iowa Senator to make second push to legalize Online Gambling

Iowa Senator Jeff Danielson is moving forward on to again legalize gambling online within the state of Iowa. The bill being pushed is called Senate Study Bill 1068. This would make online gambling legal within the state and would include those wishing to operate online within Iowa to obtain licenses and pay yearly fees for those licenses.

Bill 1068 includes for security inclusions for those who become licensed should the bill be approved. It includes wording to ensure industry online standards relative to security within its software and financial transactions. The requirements will include multiple tax benefits for the state of Iowa and a governing body be developed to provide oversight and control of those who operate within the state.

The purpose of Senator Jeff Danielson bill being submitted as a study bill is to gauge the reactions of other senators and politicians prior to the bill going for debate and voting.

This will be an interesting bill to follow and should it become law it will see many within the state of Iowa once again allowed the freedom to gamble where they wish without the government infringing on their rights.


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