Danske Spil fiscal results for 2012


Danske Spil just released their results for the 2012 year. This includes a substantial growth within the industry as a whole and inn the revenue and profit it generated. The period ended on the 31st of December,2012. The company reported total profits hitting a 1.81 million, which is an increase of 13.7% from the previous year.

Danske Spil, also operates Lotteri Spil, which it offered hose betting, lottery and online bingo saw 2.8DK Million generated which results in a 11.2% loss from the previous year. Danske Spil is the largest operate in Denmark with more than 1.2 billion in total revenue, which was a 61% increase overall. The currently have a 60% marketshare in the Danish speaking markets.

These results, while positive overall are somewhat disappointing when you consider the size of marketshare and the volume of betting that is saw over the 2012 year. It is hopeful that the 2013 year will see improvements and increased profitability.

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