The Las Vegas Sands Websites Returns after Two Week Long Hiatus

Earlier on into the month of February the “Las Vegas Sands” website and several other websites owned by the group was attacked by a group of hackers. The attack was made after the owner of Las Vegas Sands, Sheldon Adelson openly made comments on the Middle East. One of the comments he made was that the United States of America should put a nuclear strike down onto Iran.
There has been speculation that the group of attackers originated from the Middle East and were simply defending their countries against a greedy man who wants to see other people burn so that he can become richer.

The attackers went to take down these websites on February 12th. The websites were instantly filled with virtual graffiti that was bashing the owned by the websites due to his comments on the Middle East. The websites which were affected by this attack just didn’t include Las Vegas Sands but it also affected websites for Mr. Adelson’s land based casinos in China, Singapore and Pennsylvania.

An investigation is now being processed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Neither one of these groups have released a statement on the investigation. It should be noted that the websites are now back up and running showing that these two groups have been able to remove all of the graffiti and viruses that were placed onto the website.

When more information is released on this attack we will keep you updated on it all.

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