Programmers Operating Illegal Gambling Website Busted By Cyprus Police

Cyprus law enforcement were successful in the arrest of three software programmers, These arrests took place in Bulgaria, Russia and the Ukraine. Those arrested have been charged with operating an illegal online gambling ring through online casinos.

The local police of Cyprus has yet to disclose any details on the illegal websites, the names of those arrested or the full list of charges that these men will have to face in court. The Cyprus Media reported that these three men operated out of one single apartment in the Paphos. Police than received a tip about this apartment last Thursday and then in return completed a raid on the apartment. This is what lead to the arrest of these three men and the seizing of all of their computer equipment.

Investigations are well under their way with the computer equipment, law enforcement is question all three of the men and looking into all possible other avenue’s. It is suspected that these three men have made a deal as the Cyprus police have stated that more arrests have now been made in light of the information that the three individuals arrested provided the police.

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