Gamesys entering into deal with FreemantleMedia

Gamesys, a leading creator of internet software for the gambling industry, has agreed in principal to a partnership with Freemantle media in the United Kingdom. This agreement will have Gamesys creating a new bingo game around Freemantle’s popular television series “Take me Out”

This game has actually been under development for a long time but announcements about this has not been forthcoming. Gamesys will be releasing this new game this week, with the first to offer it being Jackpotjoy. The game has been designed to maximise its potential towards the unique aspects of the show and will include many of the common phrases and the host of the show as well.

Gamesys sees this as a win-win partnership that will allow them to be part of such a great success of a brand that is loved by millions in the United Kingdom. Together our partnership will allow for many news games to be designed on the successful shows that Freemantle Media creates.

Gamesys is a leading developer of slots and various other online software, with its strongest library of games being bingo related. Their software powers many different online bingo halls and continues to be one of the most respect in the industry.

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